“A new technology, capable of laying down minute amounts of graphene on precise locations on a substrate will hold the key to the next revolution in the High-Tech industry”

Mr. H. Famenini
The Inventor
President and CEO
Canada Graphene

Canada Graphene is the owner of the Intellectual Property rights (Patent) for the new technology which delivers on all the requirements mentioned above, making the next revolution in the High-Tech industry possible.

Please click here to view the short video which demonstrates the principles behind our technology in an easy to understand manner.

As seen in the video, our technology produces graphene which is useful in a variety of applications, e.g. ultra fast graphene-based transistors which operate 10,000 times faster than the conventional ones; flat screen TV’s; touch screen displays; solar panels etc.

A unique aspect of our technology is that it is compatible with the existing equipment and can easily be incorporated into the current manufacturing processes; hence, there is no need for new/additional equipment. In fact, our technology introduces efficiencies to the system by eliminating some of the steps in the current manufacturing processes.

What next?

Our aim is to see our new technology be incorporated into the current manufacturing practices. Such an incorporation will produce superior novel products which will disrupt the market and bring about the long-awaited revolution in the High-Tech industry. To that end, we welcome joining forces with interested parties for mutually beneficial forms of participation e.g. investment / partnership / licensing arrangement.

Contact for Mr. H. Famenini: canadagraphene@yahoo.com

Informative Links: [ Video ] [ BBC News ]