It has long been recognized that “graphene-transistors” will bring about the next revolution in the High-Tech Industry as they are capable of operating 10,000 times faster than the conventional transistors.

The problem faced by the High-Tech Industry is that a technology to mass produce these all-important “transistors on steroids” does not exist yet. It is for this reason that all the major industry leaders have devoted almost limitless resources in pursuit of  inventing a new technology which would enable them to do so – alas, to no avail.

Our technology

We are pleased to announce that our start-up company, Canada Graphene Nano-Technologies, has invented a novel nano-technology which uses a laser-beam to mass produce the aforementioned graphene-transistors.

Our patented nano-technology is the only one in existence which allows the mass-production of these all-important components.

Additional benefits offered by our new nano-technology:

  • Our nano-technology is compatible with the existing equipment, hence, no need for a major re-tooling of the transistors-manufacturing foundry.
  • Our nano-technology allows the graphene-transistors to be produced at a lower cost compared to the conventional transistors.


We expect that in due course, graphene-transistors replace their conventional equivalents in literally all electronic devices e.g. mobile phones, computers, lap tops, TV’s, refrigerators, etc.

Our next move

While we, at Canada Graphene Nano-Technologies, acknowledge that having the ownership of the only technology which allows the mass-production of graphene-transistors has propelled us to the prominent position of being the gatekeepers of the next revolution in the High-Tech Industry; however, we would also like to hasten the arrival of the aforementioned revolution.

To that end, we welcome the collaboration of other interested parties which can contribute to our endeavor through e.g., investment / partnership / licensing arrangement.


Please click here to view the short video which demonstrates the principles behind our technology in an easy to understand manner.

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